Saturday, 25 March 2017

Georgia Gomide, Miss Clube Pinheiros 1954

This blog deals mostly with Rio Pequeno but as most of the people who 'colonized' it have moved over from Pinheiros or Vila Madalena it is only fair that we'd have an eye over the Rio Pinheiros bridge...

Georgia Gomide was a popular actress who achieved celebrity status in the early 1960s when she would play featured roles in soap-operas on TV Tupi. 

Georgia started her career taking part in beauty contests having won Miss Clube Pinheiros 1954 to go on and compete in the Miss Sao Paulo Pageant. 

Elfriede Georgia Gomide Witecy was born in Sao Paulo on 17 August 1937;  she died on 29 January 2011.