Thursday, 9 August 2012

USP & Favela São Remo

This is University of São Paulo's 'official' map... Favela São Remo is non-existent if you go by the map... 16o. Batalhão is the nearest 'official' place you can see in the map. 'Favela' is an 'ugly' word that doesn't exist in the USP dictionary.
Favela São Remo seen from above. It is big enough not to be missed in any official USP map. São Remo is not available at Google maps either. It is non-existent for the Google crowd too...
'Vista assim do alto mais parece um céu no chão... sei lá...' lyrics from 'Sei lá, Mangueira' written by Paulinho da Viola. São Remo ain't no Mangueira though it is so close to the (supposedly) highest seat of learning in the country...
This is not the Berlin Wall... this is only the USP Wall built by the PSDB, the Brazilian 'Social-Democrat' Party. Democracy is only for the rich... and the word 'social' is maybe for a socialite's afternoon tea inmured in some far-away leafy 'bairro nobre'.
This is the main gate to enter USP campus from Favela São Remo... the USP Administration actually acknowledges the existence of São Remo... even though this sign is not there any more.
inside the USP campus even though is outside the USP walls...
the latest USP technology applied to social living in Brazilian society.
San Remo ain't in the Italian Riviera... it is right inside University of São Paulo campus...


  1. very intersting,
    i came across your blog because my daughter has to write a paper for school about rio pequeno.
    thanks for your help.

    1. dear Mytruth, thanks a lot for having left a message. Rio Pequeno does EXIST... even though it is very hard to find anything about it in the Net.