Monday, 22 October 2012

Rio Pequeno in 1984

Estrada do Rio Pequeno in Dezembro 1984.
Escola Brasil-Japão with  the slogan 'Diretas Já' splashed on its walls in December 1984. Brazil was coming out of a long dictatorship that lasted 20 years. People were demanding to vote for president but that was finally denied in the end.
Escola Brasil-Japão and Rio Pequeno bus-terminal.

Sandra buying the Sunday newspaper at a news-stand that doesn't exist anymore.
My sister Rute eating a pastel-de-carne while Mother watches.

pushing a feira-trolley along Estrada Rio Pequeno in Dezembro 1964. 
Bazar Rio Pequeno is still a fixture up to date... here's how it was in December 1984.

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